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In contemporary society, a large penis is related to passion, fertility, masculinity and virility. Even though many women are reluctant to admit it, however, they do prefer large penis. Young and energetic men wish to have a strong and healthy organ, which is necessary for them to enjoy the feeling of emotional and physical comfort.Itmakes men more confident, secure and outdo in bed and even do a number of different sex positions. Male enhancement can require some efforts; while a lot has been heard and read about penis enlarger, it is important to consider a product with well-established and good repute manufacturer. Male Edge in this regard is the best-known male enhancement tool available in the market. This product is somewhat similar to Jes Extender and belongs to the same family. Male Edge and Jes Extender are manufactured by a Danish medical company called DanalifeApS, which created penis enlargement products to support men with Peyronie disease, which is an unusual curve of the penis affecting many people. The manufacturer, since 1995, has been in this business and their product Male Edge is somewhat unique from the Jes Extender and other competitors, because of its distinctive patented design. Although it seems obvious that in sometime every other manufacturer would probably copy this design; however, for now, it is matchless. Other than the popularity of this product, it is hard to figure and note any adverse effect after using this product which is something encouraging and good to try. A number of male enhancement products emphasise on the same principle;nevertheless, the product of Danalife Aps has a strong grip in the designing part, and its credit goes to the decades ofmarket presence and R&D that enabled the Danish company to master the design. Male Edge’s ergonomics do not have any burden and therefore promote extended use of this instrument. Men could increase about 2 inches of size of their organ after using this product and the increment is proportional to the duration one spends using/wearing it.

Permanent and lifetime male enhancement is now definitely possible if one tries Male Edge penis enlarger

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How does it work?

Permanent and lifetime male enhancement is now definitely possible if one tries Male Edge penis enlarger. Male Edge penis instrument packages have instructional videos for the users explaining the ways to use the product and giving additional information regarding how penis enlargement usually works. This instrument works by inserting penis in enlargement device. There is support from the top part of the penis and ring on its root. Two arms attach the head support and the base and work parallel to penis. As penis starts to get enlarged the support can further be attuned to provide more flexibility to the penis. It is observed that the desired results started to appear after few months of use;however, the duration can be about 6 months or more.

This product is flexible in design and can be moved upwards or downwards. The user can choose the position in which he finds more comfort. The device can be worn at any time of the day, and have low maintenance and high quality. Further, traction is the primary principle in this device, which results in circumference increment and penis length.The effectiveness of this device can be assessed from the fact that it shows its results gradually, and the user has total control over it. The user can adjust the amount of pressure he wants to exert on his penis.
Who Male Edge is for?
Primarily, Male Edge is designed for those men who want to increase the size of their penis. Initially, the product was manufactured by the company with an aim to support those men suffering Peyronie disease. Considering this aspect, men can use Male Edge as a safe and convenient way to deal with the unwanted curve of their penis. However, it should be noted that this product should be used by adults over 18 years of age. It is obvious because,till the age of 18, the body keeps developing naturally. The experts and urologists recommend waiting until 22 years to use such kind of products. However, for people above 25 years of age, there are no such limitations. In terms of circumference and length, any man can enhance his organ if he shows enough commitment to the treatment process, which of course requires a few months at least and impliesusing the instrument on a daily basis.
What Results Can be Expected?Scientifically, it is proven that traction is the most convenient non-surgical process available in the existing treatment modality to enhance the size of the penis. After using Male Edge, the penis size increase is certain and the results are guaranteed.

A number of independent studies have confirmed that penis enlargers are effective in increasing the size. In a clinical trial performed by the team of Male Edge, an average increase of 34% in flaccidity was noted in the usage of just 6 months.

Previousstudies also explained the probability of this instrument to be used for the treatment of Chordee and Peyronie disease. After a short start-up phase, most men wore it for 6 hours daily. In 2 to 3 months, around 10% increase was observed in penis’ length. After 4 to 6 months of usage, as per the clinical trials,an average growth of 19% in girth and 28% in erect penis length was noticed. Thus, these evidence are enough to say that Male Edge works and also gives the desired results over a period time if used consistently.

However, the question arises whether the results are permanent or temporary. The answer to this question is ‘Yes’ the results are permanent. Thewhole procedure through which the penis achievesan increase in size in not temporary adjustment of tissue, instead it a hardcoded physical alteration by enhancing the cell mass. The clinical studies on Male Edge have shown that there are users who had gained significant increase in their penis size. In addition, the changes in the density of cellsare somewhat identical to scarring and it will never leave the body; likewise, the added cell mass will also never degrade when user discontinue using the Male Edge.

Is Male Edge Safe?

Concerning the clinical trials and the related data, the traction devices are usually one of the safest ways to increase the size of the penis. Although one may have discomfort in wearing it for a long period, still traction is just flawlessly risk-free way of enhancing the penis length. The manufacturers of Male Edge have received thousands of feedbacks from their customers and so far none of the customers had reported any kind of negative effects. Although clinical data is available for only 6 months, it is found that customers who had used it for year had got 2.5 inches increase in their penis. For making it safer for the users, protection pad is also placed in the kit of Male Edge to add an additional layer of support of the penis.

Male Edge Price and Where to buy it?
This product is available at the official website of Male Edge. The user can visit and place an order online. The user can avail three purchases choices; Male Edge basic, Male Edge Extra and Male Edge Pro.
Money-Back GuaranteeMale Edge has something interesting to offer instead of a 90-day money-back policy. This male enhancement product guaranteesdouble money back if the user fails to get result even after 1000 hours of training. For customers to benefit this privilege, they need to register with ‘My Male Edge’ and record their weekly progress. The customers are eligible for the refund of double the original price of Male Edge if the product is used correctly and no result is found. In order to receive the money-back, user has to upload his photos of penis with Male Edge once a while as per the requirements of the website and money-back policy of the company.
Advantages and Disadvantage of Use Male Edge Advantages:
There are a number of advantages of using this highly unique male penis enhancer:
If used properly, the Male Edge device guarantees permanent results for life.
This product has the potential to treat the penis curvature disease ‘Peyronie’ similar to many other scientifically design penis enlargement devices.
This product contains no phthalates or latex in its manufacturing process.
This product yields better results for those who use it consistently for a longer period of time.
This device can be easily used by just following the instructions on the label or by simply viewing the videos on how to use the Male Edge.
The user can use Male Edge for months without having any pain or discomfort.
The user can freely use it even while having sex with his partner.
It is compatible with circumcised and uncircumcised men to serve the same goal.
The approval of a doctor or urologist is not needed about when to use this product.
Apart from many of the advantages, there are certain limitations as well.
This product may not be the cheapest male enhancement product available.
This basic version of Male Edge is available without a protective pad.
The user needs to relax while using this dick stretcher, as a relaxed state of mind is needed to increase the free flow of blood to the penis, which of course is more needed when erect it using penis enhancer.
This product may not be available in all markets; hence the user has to purchase it mostly from online stores or the company’s website.
If the user did not correctly follow the instructions on the book, the desired results may not be seen.
It can create discomfort for the user if it is not used as per the instructions.
Unless the user can find measurements and weights quickly, which changes by a small fraction, the user might not be able to use this product without yanking his penis off. It is recommended to watch the instructional video before using the product.
If the customer did not follow a 6-month training program as instructed on the book, then it is possible that the desired results may not be obtained from Male Edge.
The disadvantages of Male Edge are insignificant and mild and most users will not experience it anyway. However, a few of them may feel discomfort or itching because of a strange object fitted to their dick. If users have sensitive skin or they had any surgery in the past, then one can experience some redness on their penis. However, no ill effects will vanish within days, as the body starts to adapt to Male Edge.
Male Edge ReviewsBefore using any such kind of products, usually,customer looks for reviews on the product which helps them to determine whether they should proceed to buy this product. Male Edge enjoys immense popularity and brand reputation in the penis enhance genre. People are overall satisfied after using this product and gave 9 out of 10 scores with an overall customer satisfaction index of around 90%.The following are few of the comments and real-life testimonials of Male Edge users:
Rob wrote this on Amazon

“It is the best product available on the market. After using this product for 3 weeks I have grown 2 inches and look for growing more. My partner absolutely loves it. However, the only issue is that girth has increased making some areas feel tighter”.

An anonymous user commented on a forum of penis enlarger

“I am usually a shy person and do not write such reviews on any forum. However, after using this product I must say that it works. To be honest I’m not giving a fake review but it actually has shown good results so far”

A user named Jules Drake commented on the review section of Amazon

“I have started to use this product and it’s too early to say something about the results, however, I can say that this product is comfortable to use and it is designed in a great manner. After using it for quite a while, I feel comfortable wearing in the night as well. I urge people to give it a try. I highly recommend”

Male EnhancementOver the years, societal norms regarding sexual intimacy have evolved significantly. Earlier, it was perceived as off-limits to discuss sex openly in different conservative societies, however at present such cultural values have changed considerably, and there has been an increase in customer acceptance regarding the use of sexual enhancement supplements.
With the rising modernization and changing scenario, the use of male enhancement products and supplements like sprays, creams and gels has considerablyincreased over the years, and this trend is likely to continue.
Male enhancement is not equivalentto penis enlargement. Rather it is a way to enrich or improve by adding desiredqualities. Male enhancement supplements or products are not meant for curing any disorder but merely aid in the treatment of the disorder. Here, it is important to note that impotence or erectile dysfunction are not disorders on its own but has underlying causes behind the failure to achieve an erection.
Male enhancement products, such as pills, sprays, creams, essential oil and lotions are sold in online stores and in local brick and mortar storesfor enhancing sexual performance. These products are generally made from plant-based sources and often comprise a variety of herbal supplements combined together. Even some manufacturers claim that their male enhancement product can enhance performance and penis size and other conditions related to low sex drive and erectile dysfunction.
With the increase in popularity and growth of e-commerce, customer’s purchase of a wide range of sexual enhancement supplement has become a lot easier. This makes an exciting experience of consumer shopping and similarly allows manufactures to ensure their brand retention and improving brand visibility.
As of 2018, the market for sexual enhancement supplements is estimated at around $160.7 million and is likely to reach $324.4 million by 2025 with the CAGR of 11% over the estimated period. Similarly, during 2019-2013 it is projected that the global sexual enhancement supplement market will grow by $160.46 million.
The strong occurrence of erectile dysfunction and the rise in risk factors leading to sexual difficulties are some of the factors that are predictable to drive the market growth in future.A number of market reports of male enhancement supplements have analyzed the market by product (male and female sexual enhancement supplements, geography (North America, Europe, Asia and rest of the world) and distribution channels (retail stores and online stores).
Further, the reports also highlighted the competitive landscape of the market and provide information regarding several market retailers such as Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc., Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc., Doc Johnson Enterprises, LifeStyles Healthcare Pte. Ltd., and Leading-Edge Health.
In 2018 the highest market share was accounted for from North America. The growth rate of that region will be faster than the entire market in the coming years. Further, North America will account for the largest market share in the sexual enhancement supplement in few years to come. The changing lifestyle of people across the globe with smoking habits, increased alcohol consumption and increasing stress level coupled with increased occurrence of erectile dysfunction.
Europe is like to account for the 2nd largest market sharing due to a number of development and research activities owing to the drug development with lowered side effects for chronic disorders are likely to increase the growth of sexual enhancement supplements. Africa, Latin America and the Middle East are likely to develop at a considerable rate over the comingyears. Similarly, Asia Pacific is projected to develop considerably and will maintain its dominance in future as well. This is primarily due to the presence of developing countries like India, China and others coupled with increased occurrence of erectile dysfunction coupled with growing cases of chronic disorder which eventually lead to erectile dysfunction.
The prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED)is one of the primary factors behind the growth of male enhancement supplement market. The high-risk factors for ED are hyperlipidemia, hypertension, obesity, prostate cancer, testosterone deficiency and diabetes mellitus. The rising incidence of these medical indications is contributing to the prevalence of ED. A number of neurological conditions are also causing ED. Furthermore, medications for various health conditions also cause ED. The rising cases of ED across the world will provide immense growth opportunities for vendors in this market during the forecast period.
Moreover, key sexual enhancement supplements market trends such as the increase in risk factors that lead to sexual problems will also fuel market growth. Ageing is the primary risk factor causing sexual problems. Arthritis, depression, alcohol consumption, urinary incontinence, diabetes, dementia, surgery, chronic pain and medications play significant roles in causing sexual problems in both men and women. These conditions have become prevalent, and vendors are capitalizing on this growth opportunity and are carrying out initiatives such as organizing promotional campaigns and creating discussion forums. These forums allow customers to seek advice from therapists and doctors. Vendors also collect feedback about their drugs from the consumers. These factors are promoting the sales of sexual enhancement supplements.
The presence of a large patient pool with sexual dysfunctions in the different regions of the world has increased the consumption of sexual enhancement supplements. The geriatric population largely dominates the patient pool in the North American region. The rising population of the elderly population in the region will contribute to the growth of the sexual enhancement supplements market in North America in the near future.
According to a leading analysis, Amber Chourasia who is specializing in research on wellness and health sector:
“The sexual enhancement supplements global market is growing rapidly due to fast-changing perception toward the usage of sexual enhancement supplements because of media exposure”.
Further, it is projected that the global market of sexual enhancement supplements will grow at a steady CAGR of around 12% during 2019-2023. However, it is important to note that distributed share of the market among enhancement supplement retails has made it challenging for new entrants to establish and sustain themselves in a highly competitive market. Primarily, it is due to the fact that established retailers offer high discounts on a variety of products view retail outlets and online stores making the entry of new retailers now difficult.