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A number of men are affected by having a small penis. Though this is not due to any medical condition, it still affects confidence and performance of men all around the globe. This is somewhat of a taboo subject among the masses and is sadly not something that is discussed or even talked about. No one wants to go through the embarrassment of being laughed at or not being taken seriously. While this does remain a widespread problem for many men, individuals suffering from small penis size or curvatures are known to show low self-esteem and confidence, and might even be facing depression. Along with these factors, small penis size also affects relationships and dating prospects among men, a cause for awkward and embarrassing moments around their partner. While there are a number of penis size enlargers in the market, in the form of supplements, medications, creams, extenders, etc. they are not always safe to use and many of them don’t live up to their promise of guaranteed results. But all products are not bad, some have shown miraculous results and continue to help men get rid of this problem. SizeGenetics is one such product that has helped, is helping and will continue to help thousands of men around the globe. SizeGenetics is a male penis enlargement device. Considered to be one of the best in the market, it has been given a medical type-1 status, which means it has minimal health risks, adding to its positive features. The product has had impressive results for a lot of men and online reviews prove it. Known to give you a better penis size, sexual health, and confidence, it comes equipped with an Authentic Medical Device Certificate to show that it’s the real deal, unlike other companies that fail to provide any evidence of their authenticity. If you are someone who has faced poor results in the past by using any other product and are reluctant to try any other new products, then we would like to tell you that the product provides complete transparency of information along with providing high-quality products, which differentiates it from the other mediocre products available in the market. The main idea behind the success of SizeGenetics is that it derives its success from studies shown to drastically improve penis size through constant exercise. While SizeGenetics is a device that works on muscles in your penis, it is based on the same premise that by working out, you can make muscles grow stronger and bigger. In SizeGenetics case, make the penis bigger and longer.

SizeGenetics extender works by applying pressure constantly along the Corpora Cavernosa

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What Is SizeGenetics?
SizeGenetics is a male penis enlargement product, that is both certified and tested by medical professionals. Unlike other alternatives, it is a safe and inexpensive product that can be used to enhance your penis size and your manhood. It doesn’t involve throwing thousands of dollars down the drain to achieve similar results, as you can get with SizeGentics.

It has been known to show benefits without going under the knife or going through dangerous surgical procedures. The product, which is an extender for the penis can be used in the comfort of your own home and you wouldn’t need to go through confusing and complicated procedures to realize its true potential, in a relatively short time-span.

While the product falls under the category of Extenders, it is a medical device that is designed to increase penis length, by utilizing the principle of traction. As a class 1 medical device, it is composed of high-quality and durable materials, which makes it sturdy, easy to use and long-lasting.

SizeGenetics has helped a number of people to achieve the results they need, either looking to satisfy their partners or to boost their self-esteem, the product has been known to deliver results with men responding through positive reviews about the product. If you are looking to ignite the flame in your sexual life, then SizeGenetics is the product for you. Ideal for men of all backgrounds, it seemingly poses no health risks. It is also safer than other medications and pills, as you won’t be putting anything harmful in your body. SizeGentics is only an extender for external use.

Easy to use, comfortable, with guaranteed results, is what defines this innovative new product. It addresses a very sensitive problem that a number of men face, and is sometimes also considered as the essence of masculinity and sexual health of males.
How to Use SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics extender works by applying pressure constantly along the Corpora Cavernosa, which holds blood while the penis is erect. It applies comfortable amounts of pressure to the penis, causing abrasions and cell divisions to occur, as a consequence. This further results in the process of healing and repairing with the growth of new tissue and leads to a larger and firmer penis, which lengthens and enlarges overtime with regular use of the product.

It is built with high-quality materials, with a light-weight design. It becomes unnoticeable under clothing. As a mono-therapeutic device, it can be used without any medical supervision. SizeGentics is made with a combination of several parts, including Silicon Noose, which includes a silicon material rope that holds the penis head providing an upward force allowing an increase of 1 inch to your penis length with time, a protection pad, which acts as a comfortable padding to allow for more comfort, comfort strap for traction, Protech Matt Strap avoids slips, and the Latex Head Grip holds the penis and protects the skin.

It is important that you warm-up for a little bit before using the extender. This can be done by application of a hot, wet towel on the penis. This will allow for humidity and heat to stimulate blood flow in the penis and will let you apply the extender. It is recommended that the extender not be used for more than 8 hours in a day as the penis needs time to recover and rebuild tissues.
Does It Work?Yes, the product does work and with great results! Along with positive reviews proving this, thousands of men have experienced the results first-hand, with before and after images to prove that it really works. The extender is also recommended by doctors to be a fast, pain-free and effective method to gain length and girth both.

SizeGenetics works on the traditional concept of muscle building through tissue tear and repair, but with a modern device. Similar in fashion to lifting weights, your body breaks down muscles and tissues which the body then builds, this results in the body filling up empty spaces and building stronger muscles. The same applies to penis muscles.
The SizeGenetics product is based on two elements, one the extender itself and the other, a penis exercise program. The product gives potential gains of about 30%, which calculates to a 3 to 7 cm length and about 1.5cm of dimeter, in only 24 weeks of use.

With the purchase of SizeGenetics, you will be accompanied by an exercise program from, giving you unlimited access to the website, which is otherwise only limited to paid subscribers. The website contains a number of instructional videos and materials that can be used to get desired results.

The higher the device is set, the higher the actions by the extender are and sooner you will gain results. With a pulling force of approximately 2,800 grams, this product is one of the fastest and efficient in the market.
How Will SizeGenetics Help You?
With the market flooded with penis enlargement solutions, SizeGenetics is a diamond in the rough for users. The entire market has cheap alternatives with fake ingredients and low-quality safety hazard materials being used. With so many frauds and fake products, people are always skeptical to be using such products that promise dreams coming true. These fake products tend to leverage on emotions of people.

SizeGenetics is a well-known brand, with trusted online reviews and positive feedback from real users. The company is very particular about providing accurate information about its product and thus delivers on its promises. The product will help you by increasing penis length and size, along with boosting self-esteem and confidence. The device is easy to use and can be worn under clothing discreetly and without any discomfort. It helps you realize your desires and lives up to them by providing solutions to your problems.

The company has deep trust in its product and thus provides a risk-free 180-days, no questions asked guarantee.
Which SizeGenetics Package Best Suits You?Significant online reviews and first-hand experiences of users have shown that the product works. SizeGenetics is MDA tested and made on FDA approved facilities. Made in the USA and Denmark, you can be sure that it has rigorously tested and have gone through countless inspections for both quality and reliability.

The company uses 3M advanced plasters to ensure comfort and its well-known brand name is known world over for being an innovative player in the industry. This provides for comfortable wearing of the device, preventing any slipping or rubbing so that you can use the product without even noticing that you are wearing it.

It comes in the following packages, depending on your needs:
Value Edition

SizeGenetics bare basic and starter edition.

Comfort Package

It provides extra comfort as compared to Value edition and consists of 3 sizes of elongation bars and a 58-way ultimate comfort system.

Ultimate System

A top-tier package for maximum comfort and peace-of-mind. It comes with all the goodies as well, including travel pouch, leather case, and a DVD.

Peyronies and Curvature Edition

Suited for men who suffer from a curved penis.

Is It Safe?

The device promises to provide results, but due to the product being used on a sensitive part of the body, it leaves many people skeptical and fearful that it might lead to some unwanted results. But as far as SizeGenetics is concerned, it is a safe-to-use product and has been presented in a number of medical journals and made appearances on GQ magazine and Daily Express. In addition to this, it is also made on FDA approved facilities and recognized in the USA as a medical device. With exceptional build quality, it allows you to continue with daily routine and tasks with utmost ease.

SizeGenetics has also gone through clinical studies, which included real test trials performed in 2008 on 15 males. The men achieved positive results by using the device on an average of 4 hours daily, over a period of 6-months and achieved remarkable results, including a 1-inch increase in flaccid penis length and 0.67 inches of an average increase in erect length. This shows that the product works and is safe to use, with promising results.
Side EffectsSince the product does not involve any type of medication or steroids to be taken but can make the penis grow through an external device. The product thus has no side-effects and only has positive outcomes for the penis, by increasing its size in length and girth.

The product gives results through the natural working of muscles and thus provides longer-lasting results. Promotes blood circulation as well.
Where Can You Buy It?

The product can be bought from SizeGeneticsofficial website. The company recommends that the products be bought from the manufacturer’s own website, rather than seek out alternatives and the local market. The reason is that a lot of scam and copycat products have flooded the market, owing to the popularity and benefits of the product.

The company also offers free shipping on all orders and comes packed in a discreet generic box, to avoid any embarrassment. That’s why the product box does not come with pictures of labels. Since the company is based in North America, the product will reach swiftly for US and Canada. For international shipping, allow some time, before it is received by you.

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Money-Back Guarantee
The company believes in its products and thus guarantees that it works, otherwise they return your money back within 6 months. If it doesn’t work as promised, the company will return your entire amount back to you. Therefore, it has a risk-free trial period.

SizeGenetics also offers a double money-back guarantee. With the usual money-back period being 90-days for other brands, SizeGenetics offers a 180 days risk-free trial and money-back guarantee. Just contact customer support and you can easily return the product by following an easy step-by-step procedure.
Made with Medical Type-1 materials and adhere to CE standards and stamp of approval.
It can be used by men of all ages.
An externally used device, therefore side effects are minimal or next to none.
Physician endorsed product.
The company has a dedicated team of support staff to help you with any concerns you might have.
Clinically tested and made on FDA approved facilities.
It helps add extra length and girth faster than other alternatives.
Penis traction devices are much cheaper than surgery.
Helps you achieve longer-lasting, harder and fuller erections.
Easy and safe to use.
Get a more muscular and attractive-looking penis.
It can cause mild irritation if proper tension is not applied.
Since it is made from high-quality materials and uncompromising standards, it is a bit on the costly side as compared with other rip-off products, claiming to provide similar benefits.
The device has to be worn for a long period of time during the day. This could be a setback for people who are usually busy throughout the day and cannot wear something like this under their clothes and continue with their normal routine.