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In today's busy world, where time seems to fly past us every day, diet and exercising are often neglected. The balance between work life and family time is difficult as it is, taking out time for oneself seems almost possible in this fast-paced life. However, no matter how busy you are, there can always be quick and easy ways to bring in a change to our stagnant lifestyle, to make positive changes to our physique and get the healthy-looking body we always wanted. Making the correct choices in supplements is the best way to bring in this radical change and that’s where PhenQ products play a pivotal role in assisting you with getting these phenomenal results in relatively quick time. It happens all too often when we look at ourselves in the mirror and think, how did I manage to put on this much weight? This takes you back in your past, where you were able to fit into your old jeans and where sexy looking clothes. If you are feeling sad about this entire situation, it is never too late to hop on the PhenQ bandwagon and bring promising transformation to your body. Weight loss is something that many people struggle with and can be a cause of health problems and obesity. It also lowers your self-esteem and confidence, leading towards depression, and sometimes shame. In order to counter these negative effects, the market is full of diets that promise results. These include a wide range of supplements, pills, detox plans, and other products, all claiming to work like a magic potion would, on you. If you are someone who seeks products that are safe and help you get the results you need, PhenQ is the product for you. The product helps to remedy imbalances you have and help you gain the energy you need for physical exercise. PhenQ offers all-natural solutions to all your weight-loss problems and assists you with weight loss, without having to starve yourself.
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PhenQ’s 2015 launch saw it immediately become the best-converting weight loss brand in MoreNiche, and sales have continued to skyrocket, making it one of the fastest-growing brands in the network. Now selling to over 140 countries worldwide and turning over millions of dollars in revenue per year, PhenQ is one of the biggest weight loss brands in the industry. It has a huge social following, is endorsed by numerous official brand ambassadors on social media, and its effectiveness is supported by plenty of before and after pictures sent in by its happy customers.
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What Is PhenQ?
PhenQ is considered to be a fat burner, containing special formula to act against fat. A relatively new supplement in the market, PhenQ comes in pill form. It has managed to gain good reviews among users and has a positive image in the supplement market, thanks to more than 190,000 satisfied PhenQ users.

PhenQ users have been impressed by the way it fights against fat and excess weight, along with curbing appetite and cravings. Simply put, it is a well-known weight loss supplement that works by boosting user’s metabolism and does this by combining several ingredients, known to have impressive effects on body and overall health.

The supplement suppresses appetite so that you don’t feel hungry all the time. If fewer calories go in, your body will be able to utilize the existing fat and burn off more calories in the process, leading to loss in weight. The supplement is also known to boost energy levels, enhance mood and restrict the formation of fat while burning the already stored fat in the body.

PhenQ is developed and manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited, which is a trusted name in the supplement industry and combines the effectiveness of multiple supplements in one tiny pill, how impressive is that!

The reason why it is superior to other supplements is the fact that it is backed by science and is made of high-quality ingredients, making PhenQ top the list of effective supplements in the market.

The supplements are manufactured in GMP and FDA – approved facilities, in the UK and USA, making the brand more trustworthy and safer to use.

These supplements are made from natural ingredients, helping you get rid of obesity, giving you promising results in a short time span.

The manufacturer, Bauer Nutrition, has a team of experts and nutritionists that research, develop and make the products better. They also offer expert advice, consulting you at every stage, offering you insights on how best you can use PhenQ and if it is safe to use if you have any medical conditions or are apprehensive of the side-effects the product may cause.
How to Use PhenQ?
PhenQ comes in a bottle of 60 pills. The recommended dosage for it is 2 pills daily, one to be taken with breakfast and another when taking lunch.

Since the supplement contains caffeine, it is recommended that it be taken before 3 pm, as it can disturb your sleeping pattern.

Customers who are sensitive to caffeine, it is advised that they limit intakes of coffee, tea, and other caffeine-containing products while taking PhenQ. The reason for this is because extra caffeine can lead to irritability and undesired symptoms, which should be avoided.
Does It Work?
PhenQ is known to provide astonishing results. It is infused with a strong formulation of ingredients that are known for guaranteed results. The customer review proves this statement.

PhenQ is giving people the boost they need to lose weight and assisting them with burning fat much faster and easier. PhenQ is recommended by the manufacturer to be taken for at least 2 to 3 months before you start seeing results you desire. During the first signs, you will notice an increase in energy levels and feel much active, within 2 to 3 weeks after initially using the product.

Once you are down with 3 months of daily use, you will start seeing considerable results and will make you feel proud of yourself and the product alike. It is recommended that this be combined with exercise and a proper diet, to get the best results.

It is also to be noted that results may vary from person to person, so if you see someone who has been using it after you, don’t get disappointed. The results are varied according to body type, diet and lifestyle habits as well. No two persons are alike and it applies here as well.
How Will PhenQ Help You Lose Weight?
The combination of several useful ingredients, found in a variety of weight loss supplements, makes PhenQ the ultimate solution for all your weight problems. Success is guaranteed by just one pill, containing the special combination, which allows for immediate weight loss.

The supplement is suitable for people, no matter what work they do or which lifestyle they have adopted. People with special dietary habits can also use these pills with utmost ease, therefore, they won’t need to experiment with other supplements to get desired results. All you need is to stick by taking these pills regularly, along with exercise and a proper diet, and you are good to go.

There are 5 main functions of PhenQ supplement:
Burn Fat Fast:

PhenQ burns fat in two types of ways. The first one is by enhancing your metabolism. Our bodies can either use energy at a slower pace or fast. If our bodies are utilizing energy faster, meaning more calories are being burnt. This, in turn, helps in losing weight as fat burning process is maximized and metabolism rate is accelerated.

The other way it burns fat is through the process of thermogenesis. The ingredients that make PhenQ, contain thermogenic fat burners that raise body temperature, causing the body to lose calories and ultimately weight.

Stops Production of Fats:

PhenQ also reduces fat production, as it is designed to prevent fat cell formation. It reduces fat building up in your body and prevents weight gain. It restricts the ability of our bodies to store fat for emergency use.

Suppresses the Appetite:

The main reason for weight gain is usually overeating and cravings, on which we usually respond by eating more and more. This is a dangerous habit and causes uncontrollable appetite for junk food and unhealthy foods.

The reason why most people can’t lose weight is the fact that once we start eating less after we have always been eating a full stomach, our body responds by feelings of hunger, irritability, and makes us lose concentration, as this practice creates a calories deficit in our bodies.

PhenQ helps people by reducing their appetite and assisting them to tackle these problems by tuning metabolism and ultimately making you feel not so hungry all the time, as previously u would have.

Energy Booster:

The main idea behind losing weight is eating less and burning more. This can make you go through a burn-out, which causes fatigue and is one of the most common problems faced by people who are trying to lose weight. PhenQ thus understands this and prevents our bodies from going through these symptoms.

PhenQ also enables users to give a well-needed boost for their everyday activities, be it professional or otherwise.

Mood-enhancing Capabilities:

PhenQ pills are free of any negative effects, including depression, anxiety, and mood swings. The supplement is unlike other weight loss programs, where people might experience severity of these negative effects. Its mood-enhancing properties ensure that you stay composed and not cranky once you start your diet and weight loss with PhenQ.

Who is it for?
PhenQ is for anyone who might be having problems with losing weight or burning extra fats stored in the body. With Obesity becoming a global problem, this pill helps you to get healthier and lose weight safely and by not over-burdening you. The product is targeted towards people who are looking for satisfying results.

With the emergence of so many supplements in the market, it is hard to believe in these products, as many of these are fake. But, with PhenQ, this is completely different. The ingredients of the products and benefits, along with drawbacks have all been clearly released for the general public to go through and nothing has been hidden to give users the sense, that it contains some ingredient that might be harmful to health. It is tested, FDA and GMP labs approved, giving you a complete peace-of-mind.
A-Lacys Reset:

Apatented formula, with alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant, and cysteine.
Obesity Reviews, termed alpha-lipoic as showing small, yet significant short-term weight loss by increasing metabolism

Whereas, l-cysteine is shown to reduce hunger in humans, according to a study by the International Journal of Obesity.


Capsaicinoidsare found in Capsimax. According to Appetite, they can considerably contribute to weight management, since it has thermogenic properties, it increases body temperature and melts away fat.


Piperine is known to enhance the bioavailability of nutritional compounds. It helps in absorption of other ingredients.


According to research in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the use of caffeine helps in weight loss and maintaining weight at a later stage. It helps boost energy and is a popular stimulant used by many supplements for weight loss.

Chromium Picolinate:

It helps reduce hunger by ensuring your cells get the right amount of sugar when you need it and also effectively controls the body’s blood sugar. NIH Office of Dietary Supplements.

Side Effects

PhenQ is safe when taken as recommended. Even though the product has a few minor side effects, it is all-together a safe product. The only people that should avoid taking this are pregnant and breastfeeding women and individuals under the age of 18.

Since the product is designed to help you burn calories and also suppress hunger, it might be burning more calories than it should, leading to dizziness and loss of energy. Therefore, it is recommended that you monitor your calorie intake regularly.

Since they contain caffeine, it could cause sleeping problems for caffeine-sensitive people. Avoid taking the pills close to bedtime.

Some minor side effects include:
Where Can You Buy It?
The supplement is available on its PhenQ official website. It provides Free shipping for all orders, anywhere in the world.

In order to assure that the products are high-quality, buying these from their official website is always better as you can save up on multi-packs and also since the website is directly managed by the manufacturer, they save costs by not utilizing any third-party suppliers for their products. This way, they transfer the cost-benefit to their customers.
Money-Back Guarantee
PhenQ comes with guaranteed 60-day money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the product. The product is aimed at satisfying your weight loss needs and is confident that the product delivers what it promises. Therefore, the company is confident that it can help you get best results. The product can be returned within 67 days of initial purchase. But keep in mind, that it has to be in the original packaging. The company will provide you with a full refund, minus shipping costs incurred.
It does not contain any harmful chemicals or additives
Made from 100% natural and herbal ingredients
The ingredients help with boosting energy and mood
Increases metabolism to increase fat loss
Body stores less fat when you use PhenQ
The body utilizes the existing carbs and fats for energy
Help reduce cravings due to certain ingredients
Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
Can be shipped worldwide
Get visible effects within just 2 to 3 weeks of regular use
No side effects
Manufactured in FDA and GMP certified facilities, guaranteeing quality
Get instant savings by ordering the 12-month pack
Free shipping worldwide
Since it has high caffeine content, it might not be suitable for hypersensitive people
Only available through their official website
It is high priced for one month only supply
Needs to be used every day for results
If you have diabetes, BP, etc. you will require doctor’s consultation first
WEIGHT LOSSModern lifestyle and in particular nightlife havechanged the societal norms and trends and has made people eat unnatural and unhealthy foods. As a consequence, more and more people are becoming obese or overweight. The excess weight of people has become one of the major health issues in our society.

In America alone, one in three adults has excess weight. Being obese or overweight can have a long-lasting impact on health. As per CDC (U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), excess body weight can increase risk of many diseases such as heart disease, high levels of cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder and liver disease, stroke, high blood pressure, respiratory and sleep apnea problems, certain types of cancers, infertility and abnormal menstrual period in women and arthritis.
Obese and overweight peopleusually do not live the same as people with healthy body weight. The people carrying excess weight end up getting a number of health-related issues and even psychological problems.
Apart from adults, children are also becoming obese and overweight, and the numbers have significantly increased in recent years. Further, children with excess weight or those who are obese get prone to similar health-related risks like adults such as diabetes, high cholesterol, joint problems, liver disease, asthma and many others.The people with all age having excess weight are at risk of different types of psychological and social problems like poor self-esteem and discrimination.
With the growing concern about being overweight, people have now started looking towards options on how to lose excess weight. Consumers have started considering health weight as the essentiality of healthy well-being. Therefore, they are in search of products and weight loss programs that can aid them in managing their weight. A number of top brands have started to emphasize on offering a variety of supplements for people with excess weight. The supplements include balanced nutrition with essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins, thus provide a complete pack of nutrition. Also, the weight loss supplement brands are competing on offering new and exciting products that are more centered on the overall well-being not just confined to reducing weight.
The growing demand for the dietary supplements of weight loss has also constrictedthe regulations and procedures manufacturing, product safety and efficiency claims. The brands are conscious about the actions were taken by the authorities if not complying correct labelling of dietary supplements. Also, consumers have started to show more interest in supplements of weight loss.
The industry of weight loss is a big business which is rapidly increasing. In recent market researches it was identified that the financial sector of the weight loss industry has been witnessing momentous growth. Further, it was also observed in the market research on Diet Control and Weight loss that in 2010, the worth of the U.S industry of weight loss was projected around $61 billion. Since that time the value grew by just 1%, primarily due to the recession in.
At present the weight loss market of the US is now worth at $72 billion, nonetheless the figures of dieters have dropped due to body positivity movement and increase in the acceptance of body weight. Similarly, as per the global market report of weight management and weight loss, the market accounts a value around $169 billion as of 2016, and is likely to reach around $279 billion till the end of 2023.In terms of market segment, North America alone accounts for the largest share of market attributed to the increasing occurrence of chronic diseases and obesity, increasing awareness on healthy lifestyles and nutrition, and increasing the number of fitness clubs in North America. Other region such as the Asia Pacific is likely to grow and expand in a few years. The growing awareness for available options for management and weight loss are the factors responsible for the increasing growth.
The crucial factors in losing excess weight and maintaining it on a balanced level are exercise habits, proper eating, motivation and gratefulness of better health. Above all, the extra support for losing weight comes from the dietary supplements which help in promoting weight loss and is available in variety of forms and products such as powders, tablets, bars, liquid and capsules. Certain brands market the weight loss supplements with various claims, such as these products will help in reduce body fat, weight appetite, absorption of macronutrient and increase thermogenesis and metabolism. The products and supplements of weight loss can have a number of ingredients and few of the products contain more than 90 ingredients. Few of the common ingredients include caffeine, plant components and herbs, minerals and dietary fibers.
As per the report of the U.S Government Accountability Office on the dietary supplement for weight management and weight loss,
“Not much is known about the effectiveness of weight loss supplements, however some of these are expensive, some of the ingredients in weight loss products can interfere or interact with certain types of medications”.
Therefore, it is significant to assess and verify the supplements and weight loss products prior to using it.
The people who consider using weight loss products along with a low-calorie diet should consult with healthcare practitioners regarding the potential risk and benefits of these products. This is particularly significant for those who have certain kind of medical problems such as a heart or liver disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Nevertheless, as per the national survey in the U.S, less than 1/3rd of the US who uses dietary supplements for weight loss consult this matter with their healthcare experts.
Overall the use of dietary supplements for reducing excess weight has so far been successful and people are reaping great benefits in using these supplements in terms of weight loss and improved overall health. However, it is important to note that supplements and dietary products are not useful it taken in isolation, rather it must be combined with proper food selection, diet, exercise and a comprehensive weight loss program to increase its effectiveness.